Victorian style

Victorian architecture is one of the most recognisable elements of English culture. Since the 19 th century, it has become a staple of the UK cityscape. Over the years, many houses were designed with this style in mind, and many modern houses take inspiration from it. P & J Interiors can help you achieve that style in your own home with our amazing mouldings.

There are several architectural elements that all Victorian style houses have in common. When it was first introduced in the 1850s, the style revolutionised sanitation with toilet facilities and access to warm and cold water. This is also where lighting was introduced into the homes, which has allowed them to be modernised easily. Typically, Victorian houses contain basements for the storage of coal. Built from brick and stone, these houses were sturdy and usually constructed as detached houses, sometimes built on terraces. Sash windows are an essential part of the Victorian look, while roofs were finished with slate. No Victorian house could exist without a small garden. And of course, most importantly, cornices are used to not only cover any imperfections from the ceiling and wall, but also add more intricate ornamentation so characteristic of the style.